Available courses

Meeting&information Point Course. This course contain, a general forum & Student's personal information

1. Intro: How tourism relates to economy and marketing studies
2. Tourism capacity building: practice and experience
3. Tourism, the Mediterranean and the maritime industry
4. Tourism and its relation to research and academia
5. Tourism and its relation to economy and marketing practices
6. Conclusion: How to keep learnt skills and developed competences updated

During the final year, the students will be offered external practices among the consortium through the Erasmus (internship) programme. The consortium will offer as many places as students. A selection procedure will be determined according to students’ performance in  the previous 2 years within the project.

There are two groups of activities which will be carried on throughout the project period. These are related to: a) sharing, articulation and publication of good practices in terms of learning at the non-formal and informal levels. These will start in the first transnational meeting and will continue with the sharing, development, integration and innovation elements throughout the first year and the first semester of the second. b) project management and implementation, including dissemination which will follow the project phases.