IO5 - 3Economy+ Online Instructional Materials


In this webpage, we are allocating all the materials and activities carried out during the three years of the project promoting the open access and the exchange of online materials.

Regarding the use of the Learning Management System, there are two phases that need to be highlighted:

  • First, there is a closed phase during the development of the project. The online teaching platform created on Moodle has been structured in the two main training blocks: Economy (Business, Marketing and Tourism), as well as languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese).

In addition, other training activities related to the project have been included. For example, aspects of the internships in international companies, their CV.

These materials include a description of the main thematic areas, videos on key issues, cooperation activities to be developed in groups between partners and individuals activities.

  • Once the project will be finished a second phase will start and it corresponds to the open phase, which means that all the materials of the project will be allocated and available in the part called resources.

Moreover, the aim of creating an open e-learning platform was also based on the intention of generating a MOOC using the online courses of the project.

You can see the following video