Meeting with Mr. El Barkani, Government Delegate of Spain in the Autonomous City of Melilla

The coordinator of the Intesive Program (IP) of the 3Economy+ Project have met with the Government Delegate, Mr Abdelmalik El Barkani Abdelkader, in the Government Delegation of Spain in the Autonomous City of Melilla, Mr. El Barkani, to convey the activities that will be carry out in the month of July in the city. In addition to celebrating the first IP of the project and the only one to be held in Spain, the second Transnational Meeting will be held. At the same time, a series of activities will be held to commemorate the European Year of Cultural Heritage in collaboration with different board of the city.

Mr. El Barkani conveyed the importance of this type of activities for the city and confirmed his participation in the opening and closing of the event.