Facing up to COVID-19 with Culture 2020

You can see the publication of our partner Karsten Xuereb in Times Malta.

UNESCO reported that up to 75 per cent of World Heritage sites, such as the centre of Florence, have closed. Photo: AFP.

Multiplier Event in Carmona (Sevilla)

Due to the situation of COVID19 the Multiplier Event was suspended on the established dates and will be held from 25 to 27 November 2020.

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Students from Malta, Portalegre and Melilla do internships in international companies

During the last two months students from the three universities that participate in 3Economy + have completed internships in companies from different countries.

Participants in the 3Economy+ project visited BioBIP

Students and professors from the University of Malta, Melilla University of Granada, together with students and professors from the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre, visited the BioBIP facilities on 1 July.

The visit was part of the 3Economy+ project, an international course under the consortium formed by the three institutions.

This year's edition was organized by the Polytechnic of Portalegre and addressed the areas of marketing, economics and tourism.

We will meet next year in Malta

The Intensive Programme Portalegre 2019 has already ended. After a hard work and an intense week, the students have met, we have worked, we have done cultral activities, we have enjoyed the region of Alentejo and they have known us a little more.

From today, the companions of University of Malta begin to prepare the next Intensive Programme.

2nd Intensive Programme & 3rd Transnational Meeting in Portalegre

Portalegre will host June 30 to July 7 the second of the meetings of the European Project 3Economy+ involving students and professors from Melilla, Malta and Portalegre which will promote the exchange of experiences on issues such as economics, marketing and tourism and the predominant language will be Portuguese.