Videos about Economy

Video 1. 3Economy+: Economy, Marketing, Tourism

Development of teaching materials and specific materials are training content with an international profile. Based on the three main blocks of training: Economy and Business (Melilla), Marketing (Portalegre) and Tourism (Malta). It can be a work of approach to contribute to improving the information that is available from each territory or companies.

Video 2. Macroeconomic Analysis Territorial: Role of the European Regional Policy

The main objective of this study is trying to answer the following questions: What is the regional economy and what steps must be taken to make a good analysis? What territorial classification does the EU? What regional policies are those that have been put into operation and finally from the multitude of existing economic indicators?

Video 3. Macroeconomic Analysis Territorial: Indicators

Top 20 indicators that allow us to better understand the economic reality of each territory.

Video 4. Statistics tables of the economic situation

Determination of the statistical tables allows us that knowing the real situation through their indicators, and analysis and comments of the High Alentejo/Portalegre, Malta and Melilla. Comparison between territories.


Video 5: Financial and Economic Analysis

In this video, the financial and economic analysis will be explained. In addition, it will describe the tools to perform the analysis and how to prepare the accounting information in order to be analyzed.

Video 6: Key elements I: Financial Analysis

The sixth video will explain how to analyze the balance sheet of a firm. It will be focused on main ratios related to the financial analysis, such as solvency, acid test ratio, working capital, cash conversion cycle and indebtedness.

Video 7: Key elements II: Economic Analysis

The final video will explain how to analyze the income statement of a firm. It will be focused on main ratios related to the economic analysis (profitability, return on assets and return on equity). It will finish with a summary of both analysis trying to explain which measures should be implemented by the firm to improve its economic and financial situation.