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Multiplier Event:

What does 3Economy+ Project offer you? The intellectual outputs derived from a European project

We are happy to announce the Multiplier Event of the Erasmus+ 3Economy+ Project of the European Commission.
In order to present the Erasmus+ 3Economy Plus Project, we are organizing a multiplier event on the 1st of July, in two session, session 1st (in English) from 10.30h to 11.30h (CET) and 2nd session (in Spanish) from 12 to 1 pm (CET), titled "What does 3Economy+ Project offer you? The intellectual outputs derived from a European Project”. During the multiplier event, professors from the team will share with all the participants the experience about international projects by presenting examples from the intellectual outputs based on the management, teaching and research experience of the 3Economy+ project. This will help the participants to know how to design innovative proposals in different international calls.

English Session

Presentation: Here

Spanish Session

Presentation: Here

Welcome to 3Economy+

The Project 3Economy+, coordinated by the University of Granada, has been selected by the European Union as an Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership Project for Higher Education under the 2017 call for proposals. The Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre and the University of Malta are participating as project partners.

The main objective of this Project is to develop and implement innovative teaching and learning practices, with a view to improving the academic training of students in the areas of Economics, Tourism, and Marketing. It focuses on three disadvantaged regions: Melilla, Portalegre (Portugal) and Malta, and it also offers complementary international training designed to improve employment prospects and foster the acquisition of core competencies for effective professional development.

The 3economy+ Project aims to tackle rising unemployment rates and particularly youth unemployment - one of the major challenges facing European governments at present. Addressing these challenges is central to the success of the Erasmus+ programme and is one of the primary goals of the 2020 Europe Strategy. The 3economy+ Project also aims to become a driving force for socioeconomic transformation and development, fostering growth, employment opportunities, and social equality and inclusion.

The programme will promote open access to materials, documents and media for improving learning, teaching and work opportunities within the fields of business, marketing and tourism, and within multilingual environments. By fostering multilingualism and interculturality among the participants, through the use of English, Spanish and Portuguese, important international geographical areas will be covered, being many of these areas a prime example of emerging economies.